How to Choose the Most Secure Web Browser for 2021?

how to choose the most secure web browser for 2020

Online privacy should be prioritized, given the fact that many cybercrimes are happening these days. Unsecure browsing can invite hackers to your system, resulting in the leakage of personal information and make your device vulnerable to virus attacks. Therefore, it becomes essential to use a secure web browser for surfing the internet. However, people often tend to sideline security when it comes to choosing a web browser. As a result, they have to face the consequences of unsecured browsing. 

To avoid the risks involved in unsafe browsing, you must select a secure web browser. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with specific factors that will help you choose the most secure web browser for 2021. 

How to Choose the Most Secure Web Browser for 2021?

Not all browsers are the same in terms of security. Just like different browsers have different features, they also have different security levels. In other words, some web browsers are more secure than others. You should always choose a web browser that provides you advanced security. 

Below is the list of factors you should consider to choose the most secure web browser for 2021.

  • Private Browsing: Some web browsers are exclusively designed to give you a safe browsing experience. They develop advanced features to support private browsing, including VPN support, HTTPS support, and data-tracking ads blocking features. In most browsers, you need to turn on private browsing or go incognito to browse safely. However, in some browsers, the option of private browsing is activated by default. It’s better to choose a web browser that is made specifically for private browsing as it gives you advanced security. 
  • Strong Security Features: A secure web browser comes with powerful security features to protect you from online fraud. Your browser is often unable to block suspicious links or ads that sometimes pop-up while surfing the internet. However, a browser with robust security features will automatically block suspicious ads and malware. Besides, there are other features, such as anti-phishing, anti-malware, and plugin support. 
  • Support Extensions: A secure web browser needs to have good extension support for various applications. If a browser support extensions such as user interface modifications, cookie management, and ad blocking, it qualifies as a secure web browser. These extensions are needed to enhance productivity and security. 
  • In-built Proxies: Browsers that come with in-built proxies are a smart choice given the features and flexibility they offer. With browsers with in-built proxies, you no longer have to worry about IP blocking or geo-restrictions. 
  • Speed: It’s impossible to compromise with the loading speed when it comes to a web browser. Fast speed is one of the key features that everyone wants their web browser to have. Therefore, a secure web browser with high speed is always a better choice. 

The Best Web Browsers of 2021

Below are some of the best and the most secure web browsers of 2021

  • TOR: TOR is one of the most secure web browsers. It comes with advanced security features such as NoScript, ad-blocking, HTTPS support, and cookie clearance. The best part about TOR is that it secures your browsing history and hides your online activity by bouncing your internet traffic through multiple nodes. 
  • Epic Privacy Browser: Epic Privacy browser is smart to look for a secure and reliable web browser. It encrypts your browsing history by using proxy servers to hide your IP address. Moreover, it has built-in privacy protection features against ad-tracking, cookies, malware, etc. 
  • Opera: The best part about Opera is that it comes with a free VPN to encrypt your data. Its in-built VPN support protects your browsing history to take care of your online privacy. You also get default ad-blocking features with Opera. 
  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a secure web browser that comes with a fast speed. It will send notifications to warn you against opening suspicious websites, links, ads, and downloading malicious files. 
  • Firefox: This is one of the most popular browsers available on the internet. This browser is not only reliable, easy to use, and consumes low storage space. It is also one of the most secure.
  • Brave: While this software is slowly but gradually gaining popularity for its security layers, it is not that powerful otherwise. This browser provides complete protection against canvas fingerprinting and tracking and uses comparatively less CPU while compared to Google Chrome and others. This browser shows you various vital stats and figs like counters, ad modules, blocked counters, and it also redirects your URL from HTTP to HTTPS. However, it is essential to note that this browser consumes much storage when compared to other options available.
  • Waterfox: As claimed by its developers, the Waterfox browser automatically gets rid of user information like cookies, passwords, usernames, history, and more. It also blocks hidden trackers that collect user information. While Firefox is a great browser, it is a 32-bit browser, and Waterfox is specially designed to support 64-bit operating systems.


You should always prioritize your online security while choosing a web browser. An unsecured web browser is dangerous as it can pave the way for unwanted viruses and hackers and result in data and personal information leakage. Moreover, a web browser that lacks an advanced privacy option also slows down your device. You may face the issues of slow webpage loading and interruptive lags. Therefore, it becomes crucial to choose a secure web browser. Using a secure web browser protects your online privacy and keeps your device safe. Some of the features that you should consider to select the most secure browser include in-built proxies, VPN support, extension support, advanced privacy options, ad-blocking features, HTTPS support, and much more. Some web browsers are exclusively designed for safe browsings, such as Opera, TOR, and Epic Privacy Browser. We hope that this article will help you in choosing a secure and reliable web browser. Remember your online privacy matters the most in the digital world. Be safe! 

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